Utah Valley Moms was provided materials from Asphalt Materials, however, all opinions are our own.

When we moved into our home we had very little landscaping and what we did have had to be ripped out and replaced.  So over the years we have, little by little, been landscaping our yard.  Most of what we have done we have done ourselves and Asphalt Materials is a great company for people who want to landscape themselves.  They have so many products: mulch, top soil, compost, and rocks, among other things.  Check out all of their products and services here.  I was able to try out some of their garden box mix for some raised beds I just built. The dirt is great. It is a great blend and works perfect for raised beds. They have so many different options for things. I can’t wait to go back and get some of their beautiful rocks for other landscaping projects I have planned. One other very nice thing about Asphalt Materials is that they will load into pick up trucks which is great for DIY landscapers that don’t have access to dump trucks or trailers. Many landscaping places won’t load into pickup trucks so for me having them load into a pickup truck was a huge benefit. (Since that is all I had access to.) They have lots of different options for landscaping and their prices are very good.


Asphalt Materials also hosts FREE classes every spring.  These sort of classes are awesome and Asphalt Materials has tons of different class options to choose from. This year they had lots of classes from landscaping to raised bed gardens. You can see a full list of the classes they had this year here.  Although their classes are already over for this year Asphalt Materials is already starting to plan next years classes.  They would like to know what free classes people would like to attend so leave us a comment letting us know what classes would interest you.  Then check out Asphalt Materials class schedule in January so you’ll know what classes they have scheduled.