“We all know that mornings can be crazy busy and some kids just aren’t hungry before school. But, this is a no brainer — literally! Without fuel for morning classes, students cannot focus, concentrate and learn. At home or school (or even in a car or bus), breakfast changes everything. Any breakfast is better than no breakfast and a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk and fruit can actually be a good source of key nutrients. Even if your kids eat at home in the morning, your support for school breakfast is critical for those children who need it. One kid who is too hungry to learn can disrupt an entire classroom.” -“6 Secrets Every Parent and School Should Know” by Dayle Hayes MS, RD.

The ITSMeals at Provo School District is helping make parents more aware of school breakfast that is served at all of their 18 schools every morning.  They provide a nutrition-packed start to the children’s mornings and we want to remind you that breakfast is essential to the start of every single day.