We are very excited about this year’s Love UT Give UT which will happen on March 20, 2014. For more information and to give, visit the website.

On Thursday, March 20, Utahns will again prove their record­breaking generosity by contributing to their favorite nonprofit organizations and schools.

“Utahns are by far the most charitable people in the United States. Last year Love UT Give UT gave us a chance to demonstrate that generosity in a new way – a 24 hour online day of giving. More than 6,500 people from across Utah raised an astonishing $800,000 for 357 charities in just one day. This year on Thursday, March 20, we’re hoping to blow the roof off that record, and help more than 400 organizations,” said Fraser Nelson, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Utah.

Love UT Give UT’s vision is that everyone contributes to the causes that matter most to them – their school, a favorite charity, or a specific need. It is a day for Utahns of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together for 24­ hours of nprecedented giving using an online platform, www.loveUTgiveUT.org. Love UT Give UT appeals to younger donors by setting the minimum gift at only $10, and by accepting donations on smartphones and tablets.

Love UT Give UT is meeting a need not only of nonprofits, but also of Utah’s corporations, who are encouraging their employees to log into LoveUTGiveUT.org, and matching their donations. Flying J Management, for example, will match all employees’ donations up to $50,000. Since the employee picks the charity, companies are not forced to pick a favorite cause, reflecting the increasing diversity of Utah’s workforce.

Love UT Give UT helps nonprofits and schools showcase their work and introduce their organizations to new and potential donors. Last year more than a third of all donors were new to the causes they supported, crucial to the sustainability of our region’s nonprofits.

The Community Foundation of Utah will offer incentives to encourage participation, including:
• Leaderboard Grants – The three organizations that receive the most number of donors during Love UT Give UT in their respective categories will receive additional grants. Categories include: 1) small nonprofits with budgets under $250,000; 2) medium nonprofits with budgets over $250,000 but under $1 million; 3) large nonprofits with budgets over $1 million, and, 4) schools, colleges and universities.
• Golden Tickets – A donor to a nonprofit will be randomly selected to have $100 added to their donations twelve times during the day.
• Matching Funds – Donors will have the opportunity to double their dollars for nonprofit organizations that have secured matching funds from generous supporters.

www.loveUTgiveUT.org is powered by Razoo, a venture funded social enterprise committed to transforming people’s lives through meaningful giving. Its secure online platform facilitates crowd­sourced fundraising, streamlines the donation process and offers a suite of free and easy­to­use fundraising tools that inspire individuals and nonprofits to give and fundraise online.