Dave and Richard from KID HISTORY, MALLORY from STUDIO C, STUART EDGE and more, all in ONE place!?! Too good to be true–but it’s happening!!! Info below! Don’t forget, CONTEST ends TOMORROW to win dinner with Stuart . How cool is that!?!?!

Meet and learn from amazing filmmakers (like Mallory from Studio C, Stuart Edge, or Dave and Richard from Kid History) at a Filmmaking 101 Conference!
Details below:

The Conference Presenters:
Stuart Edge of YouTube fame, Tyler Stevens from viral YouTube commercials for Poopourri/Orabrush/Orapup, Mallory from Studio C, Dave Roberts and Richard Sharrah from Kid History, Professors Dennis Lisonbee and Arlen Card from UVU’s Digital Arts Program, Cammon Randle from BluFire Studios (special effects), and Steven A. Lee, a feature film producer. See their pictures and bios here:

Date: Saturday November 16th 2013

Time: From 9am-4pm (with an hour break for lunch 12pm-1pm).

What: Interested filmmakers of ANY age can come learn how to make film/video from some master YouTube and film artists.

Who: All ages are welcome. Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult. It’s going to be a long information-filled day (please make sure your children are mature enough to handle it). We will ask children to leave if they’re making it difficult for others to listen.

Cost: Cost is $20 for a full day pass. Pre-order your lunch and it’s $8, buy it at the door and it’s $10. Snacks will be available for purchase.

Location: UVU in their new science building information in the room, SB134.
Here is a link to a page with a downloadable map of campus. http://www.uvu.edu/maps/

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(All profits from Young Filmmakers of Utah goes toward educational field trips for youth through GMA)