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I was just “window shopping” zulily this morning and found some really fun toys. Okay, I admit, I didn’t know zulily sold toys, but now I do and now my three-year old daughter and 18-month old son may just have a fun Christmas from zulily. Although they’re asleep (or supposed to be) as I’m writing this, I think I might know what would be on their Christmas wish list.

I love these little things and I know my kids do, too. They always play with them at friends’ houses. I may have tried one a few times as well.

This is a “green” doll house that I know my kids would love. I might even be tempted to play with it every now and then … with the kids, of course.

Is this little train and road adventure set not fun, or what?

This little washing machine is adorable! I never think to about washing machines when playing house. But by the way, zulily also has refrigerators, dishwashers, stove/ovens, and even a kitchen counter which I am in love with:

I’m positive my son would love this fire engine!

And for all of those doll lovers out there, zulily has an amazing collection of the Queen’s Treasures doll accessories. They’ve got outfits for different weather conditions, bakery, desk, and outdoor sets, pets, a trunk and bed, beautiful Victorian dressers and amoires, and even a shaved ice set. I would post all of the photos here, but I don’t think you’re going to want to scroll through all of their pictures here when you can just see for yourself on zulily (click the picture).

Okay, really, I wish I could post all of the photos of toys because they are all so fun and perfect for kids, but I think you’ll just have to shop for toys, books and more at zulily this Holiday Season yourself!