In the shadow of the great Mount Timpanogos, voices echo across the valley. They call out tales of triumph, tales of discovery and tales of love. They whisper memories into thousands of eager hearts who flock to them every year, hoping for a glimpse into the past or an insight into the present.


From across the country, storytellers as varied as Mount Timpanogos is tall enter the shadow of the mountain, clad in practiced skill and bearing a hundred tailored tales. Twenty-seven thousand listeners of all ages gather around them because they know when they hear the echoing fables, they cannot help but to become a bit wiser, a bit more human.


Join us for our 24th anniversary in 2013 for the largest storytelling festival in the West – the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival – held every year in Orem, Utah. Some of the nation’s best known storytellers unite with other tellers, both young and old, for two all-day celebrations of music and merriment, but mostly stories.


Our festival is known for bringing some of the best storytellers from around the country. Spanning the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Labor Day, August 29-31, 2013, the Festival is an adventure you’ll never forget. Thursday’s Storytelling Workshops are perfect for teachers, genealogists, speakers and performers alike. Spend Friday and Saturday discovering featured national storytellers continually performing on five stages from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Between stories, enjoy live acoustic music, relish eclectic Utah restaurants, and sample memorable entertainment. Evening storytelling concerts begin Thursday and continue Friday and Saturday with programs for all ages. (See Festival schedule for complete details).



Handicap parking and a drop-off/pick-up area is available at the Mt. Timpanogos Park entrance. For continuous shuttle service to the Park, please park at one of the following locations: 575 E. 800 N., 670 E. 800 N., or 810 E. 600 N. Please allow approximately 15 minutes for shuttle service depending on lines and traffic.



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