Guys, are you following the Provo Treasure Hunt yet? If not, I suggest you get on it. There are still a lot more treasures to find and we can’t let all the same people find them, can we?! (It hasn’t happened yet, I just don’t want it to.)

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Here’s what we know so far about hunt #3 for $20 to Sub Zero:

#1: What is the name of the guy on the Sub Zero catering video ( The one making the Ice Cream? I wonder if he was the guy that used to own the hamburger stand. Those burgers were good, but I can tell you, his ice cream is amazing!

#2: If I ever got injured, I know the exact Sub Zero ice cream flavours that would save me. Malt, Maple (I am Canadian after all), Pumpkin, Mayonnaise, Dr. Pepper or Hot Cinnamon. Unfortunately, they don’t carry one of those flavours. Which one is it?

#3:  Do you see how it works? They use Nitrogen to get the smoothest ice cream imaginable (the flash freezing reduces ice crystals). However, for you, the key is behind the Carbon.

He says that he really liked #2 – I just found it frustrating, although I think I might be onto it. I guess we’ll just have to see!