Centro Hispano is pleased to announce the 12th annual Festival Latinoamericano, which will be held on August 30-31, September 2, 2013 (closed on Sunday) at the Utah County Historic Courthouse grounds (51 South University Ave.) in downtown Provo, Utah.

For three days, Provo will embody the heart of Latin America. Pulsing rhythms, vibrant dances, delicious food, and colorful costumes will transport you to a Latin getaway in the heart of downtown Provo. Even better, you will become immersed in the wonderful diversity and opportunity of your own community.

Come and celebrate community and culture. Join us at the Festival Latinoamericano!


Friday August 30th 2013

 Time  Group / Artist
 6:30  Sofia
 6:45  Luis Caetano
 7:00  Viva el Folklore
 7:45  Official Welcome to the Festival
 8:00  Dosis
 9:45  D.J. Kenny

Saturday August 31st 2013

 Time  Group / Artist
 12:00  Zumba
 1:00  Round Table / Interviews
 1:15  Mime
 1:30  Luis Caetano
 1:45  Latinos in Action
 2:15  AMY
 3:00  Ballet Folklórico de las Américas
 3:30  Vientos del Sur
 4:30  López Family
 5:00  Ballet Legacy Dance
 5:30  Raíces de mi Tierra
 6:30  Desert Gypsy
 7:00  Maryanne, Sofía & Dance Ensemble
 7:30  Ballet Solana
 8:00  Yunuen Carrillo
 8:30  Morning Star
 9:00  Abraxas

Sunday September 1st 2013

 Time  Group / Artist
ROC Michael y Lluvia
Los Hermanos de los Andes
Familia López
Los Carbajal
Gabino Flores Guitarrista

Monday September 2nd 2013

 Time  Group / Artist
 12:00  Zumba
 1:00  Round Table / Interviews
 1:30  AMY Martial Arts
 2:30  Mime
 2:45  Sophía
 3:00  Ritmos del Perú
 3:30  Latinos in Action
 4:00  Pájaros Pintados
 5:00  Bailando con el Corazón/Folklore Latino
 6:00  Los Hermanos de los Andes
 7:00  Ceremonia de Clausura
 7:15  Miguel y María
 8:00  Mariachi Sol de Jalisco
 9:00  Herencia Latina


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