Update: This business does not exist any longer. Please do not navigate to the link.

CarePackMom.com is a website/company that personally delivers gifts and care packages. They serve Utah Valley, including the Provo MTC. There is a variety of gift/package options with a lot of them made for the holidays and celebrations. The company is geared towards remembering and caring for students which means that they have your loved ones in mind.

Lauri from CarePackMom sent a little more information about the company:

“Why I started the business: I started this business after having sent 4 children to college and 2 on missions. I realized that it can be hard to celebrate successes, birthdays and other exciting times in their lives without being there with them. I wanted to find a way to help bridge the distance between students and their parents, thus CarePackMom.com was started.

What we do: We specialize in hand delivering fresh and fun care packages in Utah Valley and to missionaries at the Provo MTC! We only use fresh and delicious products from popular local bakeries.

As you check out our website www.carepackmom.com, you’ll see the variety of packs that we offer. There is a link at the top of the page “Send Me a CarePack” for sending the hint home to let your loved ones, local or not local, know of our services.”

Interested in buying a package for someone you know? Interested in someone you know sending you one? Make sure you go to carepackmom.com and order! You can find even more information about the company there and make sure to join their Facebook page as well. CarePackMom will be hosting giveaways each month.

And don’t forget to use CarePackMom to get packages delivered to the MTC and any other place in Utah Valley!