I grew up, not knowing much about food and learning most of what I knew about food and nutrition from classes at school. It wasn’t until I got married and had my first child that I realized how important food and nutrition is. Before that time, I rarely cooked and rarely cooked healthy meals. Now, I care a lot about the food that not only my children intake, but also those at schools. As my children get closer and closer to going to school, I worry about the decisions they will make at lunch time when they choose to eat school lunch.

Luckily, school districts like Provo School District have incorporated a lot of good things into their schools, including a lot of wonderful fruits and other foods into their school lunches.

ITSMeals at Provo School District is an amazing thing. They have a Facebook page with a lot of great information. Each week they post photos of recent fruits they have added to their meals throughout the district. ITSMeals also posts information about the people who oversee the nutrition of the children of Provo School District. I personally enjoy being able to read about the CNPs (Child Nutrition Professionals) and seeing pictures of them.

I could go on and on about what they post and why I love them so much, but I suggest you see for yourself why they have won Utah’s Best of State for the past three years in a row.

ITSMeals at Provo School District


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