I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of the fair. I’ve been a few times and it’s just not my thing. But it’s a last minute decision, and I’m heading there tomorrow to check out Utah’s Own at the Utah State Fair. There will be three events there that I’m excited to check out:

  • Taste of Utah:  I went to Taste of the Valley at the Shops at Riverwoods a couple of months ago and loved it.  I love trying local restaurants’ food and seeing what is out there.  The Taste of Utah event will be happening from 12 – 8 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13
  • Utah’s Own Food Court:   a great place to try some locals’ food
  • Little Hands on the Farm:  this is a great event to do with children. This place has 10 different booths designed to entertain and educate children about agriculture. They’ll personally walk through the farm to table experience by planting toy crops, milking a model cow, ride a toy tractor, and take their goods to a farmers market

Convinced that the fair is the place for you to be tomorrow?  I know I am!