White noise apparently helps a lot of babies out there.  For my daughter, well, she doesn’t like it so much.  We never really used any with her.  I was a strong believer in quite a bit of noise during her naps so she would get used to loud noises.  And for the most part, she does really well.  She slept for 2 1/2 hours one time while lava rock was being torn out of our basement living room.  It was bothering me – I couldn’t nap – but she slept right through it.

A few weeks ago, however, I had had it with her crying so I found this awesome white noise maker on the internet and left the laptop in her room with her.  I don’t know whether it worked or not but I loved the whole idea of this free white noise.  I could adjust the volume and change the type of white noise.

If you are in need of white noise, I would definitely suggest Simply Noise.

*This is a non-paid review.  All remarks are my own.