We recently received a bike trailer which has been great for taking our daughter with us on bike rides. I’ve pulled her once and it didn’t feel too heavy until I was exhausted and riding against the wind. My husband usually pulls the trailer and does a great job. It seems to be no big deal for him.

Living close to Provo Canyon, we have occasionally biked from our house up the canyon to parks. It is such a pleasant, peaceful ride. Here are some biking trails in Utah County:

Hobble Creek paved trail. Wide paved trail climbs lower Hobble Creek canyon, beginning in town and extending past the golf course to Rotary Park. 4.5 miles, 350 feet of climbing. Very easy ride, suitable for families with small children. Season March-December.

Jordan River Parkway. Paved foot, bike, and rollerblade trail along the Jordan River, from Utah Lake to the Jordan Narrows. Park for family picnics. Not crowded. Easy easy easy technical. Season March through November, but often clear of snow in winter.

North Fork, American Fork Canyon. Rocky gravel road up from Tibble Fork to Pole Line Pass in American Fork Canyon. Access to Ridge 157, Dry Fork, Mill Canyon Peak. Season June through October.

Provo River Parkway. Paved foot, bike, and rollerblade trail extends from downtown Provo up Provo Canyon past Bridal Veil Falls. Mostly shaded, good views of canyon walls. Easy technical, but good bike control required for youngsters to avoid collisions with multiple trail users. Season March through November.

Silver Lake. Easy loop around beautiful alpine lake for kiddies. Gravel-road ride with moderate climbing for older beginning riders. Easy technical. Options for single track climb/descent. Season June through October.

from Utah Mountain Biking