Clue and Mad Gab are a couple of favorite games among the kids I have worked with over the past several years.

Clue:  every kid seems to like to be a detective.  We have an older version of Clue and a DVD version.  Both are fun but both are very different.  To make this game more appealing, Hasbro has created a bunch of different Clue versions so you can get one with Harry Potter, the Simpsons, and The Office characters.

Basically, there is one character who has done something (stealing is usually the problem) and as the other characters in the game, you are trying to figure out who it was, what it was, and which room it was taken from.  It’s a good, simple thinking game.


Mad Gab:  this is a much tougher game, especially for kids.  However, whenever I play with kids, I use the Mad Gab Picto-Gabs Card Game – this one includes pictures and it makes the game more interesting for the kids.

In this game, there are a bunch of random words put together that don’t seem to make any sense.  But once you say the entire sentence/phrase together, it makes a different sentence/phrase.  Example:  Sell Your Laugh Hone.  Do you know what its saying is?

Answer:  cellular phone

If you want a few to practice with at home before buying the game, there are some websites that offer some mad gabs like  Then you can find out if this is a game your family likes before purchasing!