Provo Beach Resort (PBR) is a new fun center place with a different activities than the normal “fun center.”  PBR has arcade games, but it also has a flowrider to simulate surfing, a golf simulator, croquet, play areas, a carousel, a “lazer frenzy” game (players must navigate their way while avoiding lasers spanning the room), mini-bowling, and many other activities.  It also has a little eating area – food from other restaurants in the Riverwoods is also allowed to be brought in to eat there.

We went to PBR one night after enjoying a yummy meal at Tucanos and walked around for a while.  My husband also tried that golf simulator.  For everything there, cards are available for purchase and those cards can get you into any game and you can also add more money onto the card.

Pricing is a bit high but there are a few things that are quite unique for this area, so I think it’s worth the price.

Provo Beach Resort is located at 4801 North University Avenue #210 in Provo
Open Mon-Thur 11am-10pm | Fri 11am-11pm | Sat 10am-11pm


  1. This place sounds awesome. I have never tried one of those golf simulators but they sound fun. It sounds like this place is great for kids and adults.
    Next time i’m in Utah County I will come and give it a try!

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