My normal part-time job leads me to pass the Utah County Health & Justice Building every time I go to work.  For the past many weeks I have passed this little white sign with black lettering that shows where to go to the Flu Clinic.

My husband and I made plans a couple months ago to get our flu shots, especially since we have a new baby and we don’t want her to get sick.  But each week passed with us forgetting to go.  Well, now it’s December.  The flu season picks up around this time so we have a pretty good chance of getting it, well, I do at least.

Normally each year, I start getting sick in September and I don’t really get better until April.  Last year was the first time that this didn’t happen and I’m beginning to think it’s because I haven’t been as stressed since I haven’t been in school.

So the question is, how important are flu shots really?  Important enough that we should rush to the Health & Justice Building as soon as possible to get our shots or will we make it through the flu season just fine without them?