Humble Bugs Kit, a family-friendly box

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We recently received a Humble Bugs box for the family. Humble Bugs is a subscription-based kit. Bi-monthly, a new kit will arrive and it will focus on a different character trait.

The boxes are designed for kids ages 6-11 years old but they include activities and object lessons that can be adapted for kids as young as 3 years old up to teenaged years.

I love spending time with my family and we get out a lot because of me but half my family are introverts who like to be at home. Because of that, I struggle to come up with ideas to keep the whole family entertained, especially while at home. I can drag them all over the city and keep myself and half my family happy all day doing that but when it comes to the days where we stay home and I need to keep the family entertained inside our property, I have a really hard time.

Thank goodness for Humble Bugs. When we received our box, I was very pleasantly surprised that there was so much to the kit. There was a parent’s guide, kid’s guide, movie, activity, craft, and even awards (my kids love awards). My kids couldn’t wait to open the box and get started.

This Humble Bugs box was so fun. After just finishing watching the Olympics, the box was filled with information on the Olympics and making goals which was great for our family. We started by reading some of the information and talking about the Olympics and setting goals. Then we made goals and did the craft to go along with it. Next was talking about dreams. My 4-year old looked at the dream catcher example and then created his which ended up looking nothing like what he wanted it to but he loved it and was so proud of it. It immediately went in his room to catch his dreams and to remember his goals.

The best part about the box for our family was the family games. We love playing games together as a family and we had a blast. We also love movies and it had a family-friendly movie, “Jumping For Joy,” which was nice for a lazy evening.

Humble Bugs Kit, a family-friendly box

The thing that I loved most about the box as a whole is that it was so family-friendly. Not only were we learning really good values, we were working on something together as a family. It was a good activity to fill our in-home day. Plus it came complete with everything we needed for the crafts and activities which was great!

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The prices for a Humble Bugs subscription is: $35 for a kit every other month (billed every other month) or a 6-month subscription for $33 per kit (you save $6 and receive 3 kits) and an annual subscription for $30 per kit (receive 6 kits). 

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