One of the best ways to beat the heat during the summer is to pay for tickets for a summer movie program for you and the kids. Most screenings are in the morning/afternoon and are at various movie theaters. You pay one price per person for the entire summer. If multiple days are offered of the program movie showings, you may choose one day to use your pass. In our experience, we have not had a problem finding seats for our group and love seeing the movie for a dollar or less a piece. In most cases, if you do not have a pass, you may also show up on the day of the movie and pay $1 per person to watch the movie.

Click the links or images below to find the theater and the options available.

*Note, some have not updated their 2016 information. We will update links if needed when the information becomes available.

CINEMARK ($5 for 10 movies)

  • Provo
  • American Fork

MEGAPLEX ($10 for 10 movies)

*Sensory-friendly showings are available at some locations on specific dates and times. Make sure you check the theater to verify dates and times for sensory-friendly movies.


  • Orem

WATER GARDENS ($10 for 10 movies)