If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, visit K1 Speed in Sandy (725 E 10600 S). It is an indoor electric kart racing track.

We had the opportunity to try K1 Speed for free for date night. It had been about 12 years since the last time I had been racing indoors and I was quite nervous about it. I am just under 5 feet tall and 12 years ago, I had the hardest time racing the pedals. This problem, on top of getting really motion sick from the racing and being so close to the ground has kept me from trying go kart racing again but I thought I’d try this place anyway.

When we walked in, we were immediately meet with the manager who was friendly and didn’t seem frustrated at all that there was a good chance that the fact that I was merely watching the cars racing made me sick and we might not stay. He encouraged us to sit down on a couch and relax for as long as we wanted. His kindness led us to getting up and signing up for a race.


The workers are super friendly. They explained the rules and helped us get ready for our race. They made sure everything fit properly and even got me a booster seat to help me reach the pedals on the adult karts (which I obviously wasn’t tall enough for).


The race track was tough as it’s small and I went pretty slowly around the track. I think though if I was to practice more, I’d do much better. But if you love kart racing, this is definitely a must-try, although the prices are high for races.

K1 Speed also offers party options. There is a separate room with a sound system, screen, and tables and chairs.