I have two young kids so the thought of taking them to a water park with huge slides (that we saw from the freeway) didn’t really seem ideal, until I heard that Cowabunga Bay is a perfect place for those with little kids.

We had planned to go the last week of August but as you might remember, it was really rainy and stormy that week so it got put off until the weekend after Labor Day, and do you know what happened that Saturday? The morning was beautiful and very warm. We had things to do that morning so after some naps, we got our swimsuits on, bags packed, and headed up to Draper to go enjoy some time in the sun. But do you remember that Saturday late afternoon/evening? There was a huge storm! We couldn’t even make the drive from Orem up to Draper before we were hit with lots of wind and rain, so we didn’t go into the water.

I did, however, do some observing, and here were some things I really enjoyed about Cowabunga Bay, from a viewer’s perspective:

  • There was a lazy river where you can just grab an inner tube that’s already out and not being used and float around
  • There was a whole little kids’ section that is in a corner so that you can easily watch the kids and make sure they don’t run off
  • The slides were absolutely huge and the kids said they were fun to go down
  • There is a enormous bucket of water that spills water onto unsuspecting victims around the slides area which soaked my one side – I was a victim 🙂
  • In general, the water park was much larger than I expected with all sorts of interesting things to do


Unfortunately for us, Cowabunga Bay is only open this upcoming weekend, September 14-15, 2013, before they close for the winter. I’m planning to go on Saturday. Let’s all hope for good weather.

Cowabunga Bay
12047 S. State Street, Draper
Open September 14-15, 11 am – 5 pm