I received my degree in Exercise Science so I’m a strong believer in exercise, despite my lack of exercise.

I recently read an article on ksl.com about the need for even babies to exercise.  Infants should be put on their stomachs to build stronger muscles.  As they become older and can do more like roll and sit up, they should be allowed to practice their skills.  Children under 5 should be getting at least 3 hours of exercise each day and can be spread throughout the day.  Children between 5-18 years should be moving at least 1 hour a day.

With the increase of obesity and including childhood obesity rising across the nation, this is a very serious matter.  Letting children explore and learn should be encouraged.  Allow children the opportunity to move instead of sitting in front of the television.  As for babies, limit the time they sit in strollers, bouncy seats, and swings.  Playing in the yard, playing at parks, and going to various events around the valley are great opportunities for your children to get the exercise they need!


  1. So interesting and true! I was driving past a car the other day that had tv screens for each seat in the back-I think we need more play time and less tv and sedentary time for everyone! Now I hope I can be really good about it when I have kids:)

    • Emily, you’re going to be the best mom ever. K will probably beg me to let her go to your house cause you’ll always have something fun going on!

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