*Update:  There is currently a coupon for $25 for Go-Kart Outing and Pizza Monday–Thursday or Friday–Sunday. 08/04/11

I went to FastKart Speedway in Salt Lake once.  We went for a friend’s birthday and it was a lot of fun!

We each had 10 minutes to race.  We also got to put on awesome little outfits with the helmets which was fun.  The course is large and the cars were nice to ride in.  I’ll admit, however, I got really motion sick and because I am just under 5 feet tall, I had a really hard time reaching the gas pedal which made all the workers there tell me I had to go faster.

Today, Screamin’ Daily Deals is offering a $20 coupon for only $10 to go to the FastKart Speedway.  And I bought it.  I think it will be a lot of fun for my husband!

3969 South 500 West, Salt Lake City
421 N. Marshall Way, Layton