My husband and I recently watched Toy Story 3 (we got to watch it free through Amazon – I didn’t even know they did movie rentals!) and I have mixed emotions about it.

Before we watched it, we read some reviews posted by Amazon members.  I enjoy the other Toy Story movies and was excited to see this third movie.  However, we read the reviews of those who gave it 1 star and they made the movie sound so evil.  In fact, after watching it, I’m still not sure what references they were making to WWII and all of these intense themes.  But I understand what some reviewers are saying.

Toys are very special and can seem very real to children.  The fact that any toy may be in danger to a child could seem very scary.  And as always, these toys got themselves into some trouble.

I don’t think this movie is one I would want to watch too often but I think it’s mostly because of one creepy doll in the movie – dolls just scare me.  I can see that this movie could give some children nightmares but I don’t think I’ll have a problem letting my kids watch it – but probably not until they’re older.