I had heard wonderful things about the movie “Tangled” which made me a little worried to go see it.  Sometimes when people talk up movies so much, I never enjoy them as much as everyone else seems to.  As the movie started, I was quite skeptical that this was going to be “the best movie ever.”

So you’ve got this princess who is kidnapped and stuck in a tower.  Her “mother” isn’t actually her mother and she’s taught this girl to never leave the tower.  Then there’s this guy who steals from the king and queen and he’s on every wanted poster, and of course, he just happens to find the tower … and this is all in the first 15 minutes!  The movie continues and it is just as exciting as the first part.

Did it disappoint?

No way!  It was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.  There were no witches with magical powers, no adult topics … it was great for the kiddos!  And great for adults!

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