With New Year’s Eve approaching, there are many parties and events but what if you just want to stay home and play with the kids?  Here are a few of my favorite activities:

  • Make noise makers – empty paper towel or toilet paper cardboard rolls with beans inside and plastic wrap with an elastic band or tape to close off each side is a simple thing to make.  You could also use paper plates (stapled together), empty boxes, or make your own enclosed shape with paper.
  • Mixed up games – use different pieces and different rules from various games and make a new game.
  • Make a tent with blankets and furniture – I personally enjoy watching a movie or television show after I set up the tent.
  • Make a time capsule.
  • As a family, review the past year and talk about some of the favorite moments and activities of the year.  Make new goals or a list of activities for the upcoming year.
  • Have a movie night or a movie marathon.
  • Make some goodies.

Here’s how we make our noise makers:

the supplies
we used peanuts instead of beans, you could also use rice or anything else that is small
next we put one plate on top of the other
we stapled the top plate to the bottom plate
the last thing to do before making some noise is decorating!

What do you enjoy doing with your kids for New Year’s Eve?